day one

I'm standing on the wet sand in front of the ocean upon which all the great cities of my present rest, nestling my feet into the moving earth. As the tide goes out the pebbles beneath me escape my weight, called back to a greater monster. There are no stars above because it is too cloudy for them to reach my eyes and the only sense I have is of falling backwards. Wind and wet come to me, first in a dive and then a crawl, threatening to throw me farther off balance. It seems this is a hostile place, warm weather and lucid bodies only distractions and temptations. The tide surrounds me and tries to take me with it as it subsides, echoing with variable force. How good it is to be unmatched, subjugated once again; this time, however, it is not to my equal. I would let myself fall, be swept under and out by the current of the wave, more than I would any man. The shells are smart to bury themselves under the ground where they will find less difficulty in integrity, and I let them teach me as I move farther into the salty blue. I am willing to accept defeat, but does this sea value my sacrifice? It pushes and pulls and teases the strings of my garments, but after each strong tug comes a weak one, an opportunity for me to flee. I stand here for thirty minutes or more, waiting for the tide to grow stronger and malevolent with desire, but it does not come. Instead there is only the growl and crashing as the beast lets me know her power. For now I will return to my cube, one building among many upon this stretch of water, my clothes reeking of fire, which I'm sure my companions, with their years of experience, will pick up on. There are worse fates and better.


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